Rules of the Forum


Rules of the Forum

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By registering to use this forum you meet the following criteria and agree to abide by all of the Forum rules and policies.
Forum Rules are as follows.
Moto Guzzi Club GB forums are a place for members to engage in discussions about motorcycling. The rules listed here are not all-inclusive, and are subject to change without notice. We will operate a Zero tolerance policy on the forum.
Creating a friendly and supportive community. You must maintain a level of civility and politeness.
Please remember to give other posters the benefit of the doubt. You cannot see body language, eye contact or tone when using text to communicate, so a post may be misunderstood. Remember that the original poster might not have intended their post to come across as you read it.
This approach will go a long way towards fostering a pleasant, welcoming community.
Trolling or flaming other Club or Forum member, Attacks against moderators publicly in the forums or privately via PM, are not allowed.
Disagreement is a part of discussion, but there is no reason to be hostile.

You are responsible
Your forum account is linked to your membership. You are responsible for adhering to the forum rules of conduct. You are responsible for what is contained in your post, no one else is.
If your forum posting are suspended or banned, your membership will be reviewed and may be subject to further action.
Moderators cannot monitor the content of every post. If you find a post that you feel is inappropriate and requires review, please report the post to a moderator or Web officer
Do not repost material a moderator has removed, or repost a topic/post that has been deleted. Do not edit or change a moderated post. If you do not understand why your post was edited or removed, you can PM a moderator to ask.

Immediate suspension or banning can occur for any reason by the Web Team in its sole discretion, including violation of the rules.

The web team reserve the right to remove any threads and messages that are excessively critical of the
Any forum member who does not abide by these rules will immediately have their access to the forum blocked \ suspended.
About Using the Forum
If any post is illegal or considered to be potentially illegal by the moderators, or condones illegal activities infringes the copyright of a third party, then it will be removed.

Moto Guzzi Club GB have full legal ownership and copyright of the website and forum. Any Club forum members that provide direct links from the Moto Guzzi Club GB website and forum to any other internet website and/or forum “Should Note” this could institute a serious breach of copyright and could have potential legal and or security issues for the club. Any club or forum member, found to be bringing the club into disrepute in any way, will be given a red card and suspended for one month. If the member repeats any action considered to break the rules will permanently suspended.
All decisions will be final and made by the moderators If deemed necessary the National Executive will be consulted,

About Your Privacy
We will not publish or provide your e-mail address to anyone, unless it is in the interests of public safety to do so. Our registration process requires you to supply us with your e-mail details, but we will only use this information to validate your access to this message board system.
Accounts that are considered to be redundant will be deleted.
We reserve the right to capture your IP address at registration and on each subsequent login. This information can then be used to trace/block you if you break the rules.
We are obliged to warm you that at times cookies may or may not be used, we will not use or pass on any information to any other parties.

If you feel that you have been banned from these message boards in error:
Please contact the Web Team:

The forum rules are in place to protect club/forum members and the club.


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