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The computer lied and the weather on the way up was mild and dry.Typically, i put on the new one piece over suit(bought at the A.GM. via Sue Knock)-with thermals for good measure.When i arrived at The Lion i was was steaming hot!When i popped my head around the door i found a few other early birds in the shape of Jon who had come on his black V7,Ian also on a V7,Heinz on the orange newly decorated(It's so orange!) Quota. John Dyer and Neal Owen also arrived too,closely followed by Ken on his Beverly 350- who looked shocked that we had all pipped him to the bar!Mike was away in Bristol on a family visit with Julie(A.K.A. Secretary!)
The conversations were as varied as ever,but we now know that the Lion is open for business -despite talk of rumours to say otherwise.The fire was alight and it was very warm-so i had a lot of peeling to do...
Anyway, we caught up with various matters bike and domestic.At this point Andy and Bernie turned up.Both new members and pleased to see more of us here today.Yes,they had turned up at the Lion last month along with Pete the Brock and John Hooper. We had all gone elsewhere via the forum and word of mouth following Fake news gate!
Bernie is a Triumph enthusiast and Andy is hoping to have a T3 ready to ride soon.Both are experienced bikers and will be coming again i gather.Very nice people and excited about all that's to come by the sound of things.Andy kindly showed a cartoon he had made on the perils of country road collisions.Luck and quick thinking meant he was here to tell the tale.
After the important business of lunch we chatted about Red Kite IV and maybe a separate meeting to see what we are going to do after this years events at Red Kite III!
As Maggie Maither said in the last Gambalunga -'It was a sell out and both enjoyable,and (tellingly)a little overwhelmed by it's own success at times'!Thanks for the feedback.-Dot on.
So, we will be involving Guzzi friends to share the action at Red Kite IV...The fun will,we hope, continue ...
See you all at the Lion on the 3rd Sunday of January.RING JON OR CHECK FORUM IF YOU WANT TO BOX SAFE!
My ride home,typically was wet and of course i hadn't put the one piece waterproof suit on....

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