Rules - For Sale - Guzzis Listed For Sale Elsewhere

Guzzis listed for sale elsewhere, ebay, gumtree, mcn etc.
You can post links to Guzzis on sale on other For Sale sites for the benefit of other members
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Rules - For Sale - Guzzis Listed For Sale Elsewhere

Post by Breva-Al » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:07 pm

This sub-forum is designed to act as a sign post for Guzzis that are listed for sale on other websites and publications.
If you spot a Guzzi listed for sale and feel the membership may benefit from knowing about it post it here.
Post should be limited to a very breif description and enough information to find the item i.e. website link or publication and date
The posts in this sub-forum can not be replied to, also the posts will auto delete after a month.
Any issues report using the FORUM AND WEBSITE ONLY HELP AND ASSISTANCE sub-forum or PM me


Subject: V85 AllRoads Adventure 80hp £10,000

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